Brakes Portland New brake pads service free brake inspection

  • ✓ -New Premium Brake Pads
  • ✓ -New surface on Rotors
  • ✓ -Bleed air out of brake fluid
  • ✓ -Grease non sealed wheel bearings

Brakes $88, Free Brake inspection. Price includes, New brake pads, rotors surfaced, bleed air out of brake fluid, grease on exposed wheel bearings. Brake Team, we have also great price on calipers, rotors, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, brake shoes, abs brake sensors than Les Schwab in Hillsboro and Vancouver. For the best price break it is Break Team, a little car play on words, Brake Team. We have a Brake Team in Portland, Vancouver WA, and Tigard Oregon. Brake Team has a better cost on brake pads. For brake repair, our price is cheap for brakes, compared to Meineke, Midas, Clutch doctor, Firestone, Les Schwab, Affordable Tire and Brake, and other car repair shops. Our Beaverton Oregon location by Kmart is now moved to Hillsboro
call for location information for Brake Team in Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tualatin, Tigard and Gresham, we specialize in Brakes. We replace brake pads or shoes on any car for $88, that is the best price in town! Replace brake pads, resurface the rotors if needed, repack any non sealed bearings 2wd, bleed air out of the system, and labor to install brake pads, for $88. "our brake specialty teams have done over 550,00 brake jobs !" Patrick Walby brake founder of Brake Team
Brake Team is the Northwest’s automotive brake repair specialists, we are able to beat any quote on brake repair! ! The $88 brake pad service is for all most every car and light truck, as there may be a higher price for Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, and some higher end BMW. On the service, we put grease on non sealed bearings, at no extra charge, with the exception of some four wheel drive trucks, on some 4x4 trucks, repacking the bearing is an extra charge, if we have to take the hub assembly apart, we can still replace the brake pads for $88. When we put a new surface on the rotors, we put on a non directional diamond swirl finish. If you rotors require cutting, due to high and low lateral run out, or grooves, out of round, the cost is twenty three dollars to cut a rotor.